Google Pay subscribe in HomePaymentsAdd payment methodsWallets Google Pay Learn how to accept payments using Google Pay. Google Pay allows guests to make payments in your app or website using any credit or disbenefit card saved to their Google Account, including those from Google Play, YouTube, Chrome, or an Android device. Use the Google Pay API to request any credit or disbenefit card stored in your client’s Google account. Google Pay is completely compatible with Stripe’s products and features( for illustration, subscriptions), allowing you to use it in place of a traditional payment form whenever possible.

Google Pay uses near- field communication( NFC) to transmit card information easing finances transfer to the retailer. It replaces the credit or disbenefit card chip and Leg or glamorous stripe sale at point- of- trade outstations by allowing the stoner to upload these in Google Wallet. It’s analogous to contactless payments formerly used in numerous countries, with the addition of two- factor authentication. The service lets Android bias wirelessly communicate with point of trade systems using a near field communication( NFC) antenna and host- grounded card emulation( HCE). When the stoner makes a payment to a trafficker, Google Pay doesn’t shoot the factual payment card number. rather, it generates a virtual account number representing the stoner’s account information.( 3) Google Pay requires that a screen cinch be set on the phone or watch.( 4) It has no card limit.( 5)( 6)( 7) druggies can add payment cards to the service by taking a print of the card, or by entering the card information manually. To pay at points of trade, druggies hold their authenticated device to the point of trade system. The service has smart- authentication, allowing the system to descry when the device is considered secure( for case if uncorked in the last five twinkles) and challenge if necessary for unlock information.

Technology Google Pay uses the EMV Payment Tokenisation Specification.( 9) The service keeps client payment information private from the retailer by replacing the client’s credit or disbenefit card Funding The” dynamic security law” is the cryptogram in an EMV- mode sale, and the Dynamic Card Verification Value( dCVV) in a glamorous – stripe- data emulation- mode sale. To pay at points of trade, druggies hold their authenticated Android device to the point- of- trade system’s NFC anthology. Android druggies authenticate unleashing their phone by using biometrics, a pattern, or a passcode, whereas Wear zilches druggies authenticate by opening the Google Wallet app previous to payment.

For the utmost part, Google Pay is available in all the same regions that Google Wallet is, with two exceptions. In India, valve- to- pay through Google Pay is available through the GPay app. In Japan, the old Google Pay branding is used to relate to the Google Wallet app.

Google Wallet was the company’s first mobile payment system, developed for Android bias in 2011. In 2015, it was renamed Android Pay, with Google Wallet directed to rigorously blink- to- peer( P2P) payments. In 2018, Google blazoned that Google Wallet would join the other payment immolations under the Google Pay branding. Google Wallet was also renamed Google Pay shoot. Google Pay is available for contactless payments on Android bias. The peer- to- peer functions and account access are available on iOS. still, when using an iPhone or Apple Watch for NFC payments, only Apple Pay is eligible for this use case.