10 tips for increasing blog traffic

Whether you ’re a seasoned blogger or are just getting started, these tried- and-true tips will help you increase blog business.

  • Do Keywords Research
  • Find Your Niche
  • Include Good Imagery
  • Write Quality Headlines
  • Regularly Refresh Content
  • Get Backlinking
  • Link Internally
  • Start a Newsletter
  • Optimize For Speed
  • Make Your Blog Mobile-friendly

01. Do keyword research

One of the biggest surprises to the bloggers I trainer is that hunt machine optimization( SEO) is the stylish way to increase blog business. Blog SEO is a detailed wisdom( we ablell bandy many other SEO strategies latterly), but keyword exploration is a good place to start.

Chancing keywords that get good business and are applicable to your blog isn’t only useful for adding blog business, but it’s also useful for figuring out what motifs to write about. Ranking for high- volume keywords is nearly insolvable for youngish spots, so targeting long- tail keywords which are longer and more focused — is a better strategy.

Although an composition that ranks for a popular hunt term will get loads of business, it’s much easier to get an composition to rank for commodity much more specific and it can still get a good quantum of attention. Whereas the keyword “ Done powder keg ” gets a normal of 14,000 quests per month, “ Kawah Ijen powder keg ” only had many hundred when I wrote about it in 2013. Because it was one of the first posts of mine to rank well, it drove a decent quantum of business to the rest of my blog.

How does one find long- tail keywords? Tools similar as SEMrush, Word Stream, Long Tail Pro and A hrefs are vital for keyword exploration and other SEO strategies. These tools take some getting used to, so start with free tools before committing to precious subscriptions.

02. Find your niche

Narrowing your focus is crucial for adding blog business, especially in an impregnated request. When I started Be My trip Muse, I knew I was n’t going to be suitable to contend with generalized trip publications like Afar, so I concentrated on single trip for women. fastening on this content niche not only helped me increase my blog business, but it also helped me connect to my compendiums on a deeper position.

To find your niche, take a look at your being blog posts and look for acommonality.However, communicate a many dozen story ideas and find the common thread holding them together, If you have n’t started a blog yet. Make sure the content is broad enough that you can write about it for times to come.

03. Include good imagery

One of the most important effects I ever did for my trip blog was learn how to take great photography. They inspire people, make the blog more aesthetically pleasing and emphasize the jotting. Do n’t just take my word for it — plenitude of exploration shows that imagery improves reading appreciation, increases reading retention and evokes feelings. thus, your posts are going to be much further poignant if you include images. Including imagery in blog posts is also useful for SEO. numerous of the Be My trip Muse prints rank for high- volume keywords. For illustration, this print is on the first runner of the “ big islet Hawaii ” images search results runner( SERP) which gets 12,000 yearly quests.

Still, people might click on it and make their way to your website, If your image stands out. You can indeed use infographics to earn backlinks from high- business spots. Free tools from Canva, Figma and Adobe Express are useful for people who are new to graphic design.

04. Write quality headlines

The stylish blog titles are the bones you can’t help but click on. You ’re going to draw the anthology in by promising with your caption that your blog post is going to break their problem, answer their question, or help them in some way. That’s why they ’re searching in the first place.

Before writing your caption, take a look at what differently is out there and see how you can ameliorate uponit.However, can you offer 10? Take a look at who’s ranking for number one and try to discern what their caption is so seductive, If someone differently is offering five tips.

My composition Where to trip Alone for the First Time 19 of the Stylish Countries ranks on the first runner for 115 keywords. Without a mistrust fullness, the title has a commodity to do with its success. It not only stands out on the SERPs, but it also tells compendiums exactly what they can anticipate from the post.

How do you know if your headlights are working? Google Search Console can tell you your click- through rate. Be sure to check regularly, and change up the caption if it’s not working. In addition to comparing your captions to the top- ranked papers, a caption analyzer could give you a sense of what they ’re missing.

Social captions are a whole different beast. Do you flash back the days of listicles where number six would “ blow your mind ”? You saw it so much because it worked. Again, we want people to be so intrigued that they cannot help but click on it. Since your social caption might be appealing to people who aren’t formerly searching for that term, you might try commodity like, is this the stylish place to travel solo? Pique curiosity as much as possible, or post commodities that will get people talking. However, read and note, you ’ve won, If you can get them to click.

Just keep in mind that whatever your caption is, the composition betterdeliver.However, make sure you completely answer their question so that they don’t need to leave and go away, If someone clicks. immaculately, you ’ll be suitable to keep them on your point with further intriguing captions and posts.

05. Regularly refresh content

It’s important to make sure that what you write is up- to-date.However, you need to make sure those merchandisers are still open, If one of your most successful posts is about where to find the stylish road food in Thailand. Nothing would be more frustrating to a anthology than realizing that the place you suggested no longer exists. This will mean regularly probing and streamlining your content. nothing said blogging was a one- and- done job!

06. Get backlinks

Getting strong backlinks from spots of authority can help grow your point. This is one of the top ways that search machines have to discern which spots have authority. When the Washington Post and Business Insider published interviews with me talking about my moxie on a single trip, the performing papers transferred a signal to hunt machines that I am the real deal.

How do you get backlinks from top spots like that? Generally, by being the authority and creating a brand that attracts media attention. That takes some time, so I did a lot of guest blogging in the early days of Be My trip Muse.

How do you get guest posting openings? Check spots in your niche for donation openings and apply through thosechannels.However, interact with their socials and pitch them an idea that would fill a content gap on their point, If they don’t. The more fleshed out the idea, the more likely they’re to say yes.

07. Link internally

Just as links from external spots are important for SEO, internal links within your website are another important ranking factor. For illustration, if I ’m talking about the stylish places in the world to travel alone, I ’ll be sure to link to my stylish single trip attendants for each country I ’ve visited within that post. Since I’ve individual posts about traveling in the Philippines, I make sure to link to them in longer listicles.

It’s essential that you ’re always going back to old content and streamlining it with links to your fresh content. We always want to make sure everything related is connected, both for the anthology and for SEO.

08. Start a newsletter

Dispatch marketing is a great way to increase blog business because it gives compendiums who are formerly fascinated by the occasion to stay in your network. These are going to be your most devoted compendiums , and you want to make sure that you have a direct line to them.

When setting up an dispatch marketing crusade, it’s important to prioritize quality over volume. You do n’t want to spam your subscribers to the point that they hit the unsubscribe button.

09. Optimize for speed

Studies show that 47 of druggies anticipate a runner to load in lower than three seconds — and that they will leave if it does n’t. Google knows that, so its algorithm factors speed into drinking. However, perfecting its cargo times could help to increase business, If your blog isn’t lightning-quick.

One of the easiest ways to optimize for speed is to host your blog on a platform similar as Journila that has a structure designed for optimal point performance. However, you can use the point Speed dashboard to assess your blog’s performance, If you formerly have a Journila website. In addition to furnishing a breakdown of all the most important criteria , the dashboard also offers tips for how to optimize your point.

10. Make your blog mobile-friendly

When I first started blogging 10 times agone , nearly 75 of my business came from desktop cybersurfers. Now that has fully flipped About 75 of compendiums were browsing from their phones in 2022. For that reason, my mobile point is indeed more important than the desktop interpretation.

Still, druggies will leave for one that offers a better experience, If the mobile interpretation of your blog is n’t easy to read. Plus, Google ranks hunt results for mobile druggies according to the most applicable mobile websites. So, if your blog is n’t mobile-friendly, it might not rank as well as it should.

Journila makes it easy to design a mobile point that’s just as seductive and stoner-friendly as the desktop point. With the Mobile Editor, you can add mobile-only rudiments, hide desktop rudiments and indeed give it a completely differentlayout.However, the Page Layout Optimizer will automatically reorganize the rudiments of a runner to fit the mobile setting, If you want to keep effects simple.