There are 600 million active blogs on the Internet, counting for one- third of all the websites published. Starting off as online journals, blogs have evolved dramatically over the last two decades to come with influential sources of information on nearly any content.

You can produce a blog to inspire, to educate, or to connect with others. But blogging isn’t just for your compendiums . It’s also for yourself. There’s a lot of delectation that comes with expressing yourself in new, digital forms. Eventually, when you start growing your readership, blogging can come with a sustainable sluice of profit.

There are plenitude of creative ways to monetize your blog as it grows, from chapter links to banner advertising and patronized posts.

Whichever your provocation, there’s one golden rule to follow choose a content you’re deeply passionate about. After all, passion is contagious. The more engaged you’re with your subject, the easier it’ll convey your ideas, opinions, and feelings and embark your compendiums with you.

To help you get started, we ’ve narrowed down the list of the top 20 most popular types of blogs. Whether it’s food or fashion, we hope you ’ll find a content you ’re agitated about and feel a calling to contribute to.

Best types of blogs to create:

  • Food Blogs
  • Travel Blogs
  • Health and Fitness Blogs
  • Lifestyle Blogs
  • Fashion and Beauty Blogs

01. Food Blogs

Food blogs come in several flavors. On the one hand, there’s the food critics, who go from one eatery table to the coming, tasting different dishes and chronicling their gests . On the other hand, there’s the cuisine and baking suckers. They validate their fashions — from the constituents they use to the way they follow and partake them with their communities through papers, prints and vids.

These types of blogs come with important competition. thus, numerous savorers have chosen a specific blog niche to stand out — similar as Wild Factory Food, which specializes in 100 vegan fashions. Know that the work also comes with great gratuities.

Critics frequently get to dine for free atrestaurants.However, you may meet openings to publish cookbooks and unite with food networks, If you ’re more on the cooking side.

02. Travel Blogs

Before planning a trip, we tend to do a lot of exploration on both Google and social media. thus, the demand for reading other people’s trip reviews ishigh.However, consider this type of outlet, If you ’re a globetrotter.

You can start with an bigwig’s companion on places to explore near you, offering reasons to visit your veritably own birthplace, region or country. We recommend honing in on a trip niche, whether it’s a type of hostel( luxury hospices, caravansaries ,etc.), a kind of trip( backpacking, camping,etc.) or a geographical area.

For example, the blogger behind Tales Of Israel shares inspiring attendants fastening only on the Holy Land. This makes her an expert and a secure source to compendiums .

Dave Grohl said,” No bone is you, and that’s your power.” It’s true that nearly all corners of the world have been written about, but they’ve not been written about by you. People will witness your destinations through your eyes. Help them get to know you and the reasons you like traveling with an interesting About Me runner.

On top of the recognition, some successful bloggers get free hostel stays or indeed patronized trip gests .

03. Health and fitness Blogs

The most common New Year’s resolution is to exercise further and lose weight. Yet, lower than 5 of grown-ups share in 30 twinkles of physical exertion each day. What about giving your compendiums an redundant drive of provocation? Blogging is a great way to partake your sapience on at- home exercises and eating stylish practices.

launch by making a list of your own routines and habits, and turn them into attendants filled with the exact way. For egregious reasons, people anticipate to find vids on these types of blogs, so buying a decent camera and using Wix Video is a commodity to consider when you begin.

Writing a sports and heartiness blog can be the morning of a veritably fruitful trip. You can follow the way of pukka particular coaches and dietitians similar as Nora Minno and use a scheduling software to increase clientele. Other bloggers also vend drill attendants, diet form ebooks, supplements and drill vesture.

04. Lifestyle Blogs

Life blogs are the new magazines. As we formerly flipped through runners, currently, we scroll for alleviation. life bloggers produce multimedia centered content around their diurnal lives. thus, these types of blogs frequently integrate vlogs( videotape blogs) to engage their followership and to show their moxie. These bloggers latterly tend to mate with brands influencers.

For illustration, Laura Baross focuses on sustainable living and design. Her interests and opinions vary from motifs similar as alternate- hand fashion to compostable toothbrushes. perhaps you do n’t identify as an environmentalist, but you surely have commodity that makes your own life inspiring.

05. Fashion and beauty Blogs

Like words, fashion is the way we express ourselves. No surprise, there are nearly as numerous fashion blogs as there are fashionistas in this world. Some are about luxury, others about streetwear, and some others indeed specialize in recycled cloth. They all offer outfit alleviation, trend updates and bigwig reviews. For illustration, Haily Allison Styles gives her compendiums handy ideas for seasonality aesthetics and color attendants.

Fashion blogs represent a lot of work, but they can pay off with invites to exclusive events and fashion shows. The gratuities do n’t end there. Free apparel and beauty products are frequently blessed in exchange forpromotion. However, you could start by putting together an eye- catching outfit, shooting it, If these benefits sparked your interests. Consider adding a link to the worn particulars. compendiums might want to replicate and protect your look.