Mr. Rishikesh Bhardwaj
Store Manager
XYZ Corporation
Walter Way, CA 05850
665 252 2626

20th December, 2020

Mr. Michael Hussey
Experts Team Manager
SP construction pvt Ltd
Alaska, A
Reg:Acceptance of Contract Termination
Dear Mr. Michael Hussey,
I have received the letter dated October 14, 2020 authorized by you on behalf of our WorldWide Experts Team stating the termination of the contract signed between our companies 2 years ago. We are very sad to lose a partner like you. It has been an honor serving your company. We are enclosing the pending invoice which must be paid before the 15th of coming month.
If you feel that you require our services in future, please feel free to contact us on our previous contact details. It would be a privilege to work with your company again. Your tenure with our company has been a really informative journey and a smooth one hope you felt the same. But unfortunately the journey has come to an end, hope we will work again in future. I wish you and your company best wishes for any further businesses you are to venture and may all the success come to you.
Thank you.
Warm Regards,
Rishikesh Bhardwaj