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  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion is a critical focus for Journlia and the entire leadership team. We understand the value and importance of building more diverse teams, while also ensuring we’re creating a more inclusive and equitable workplace together.
    • Offering Executive Leadership Training to diverse rising leaders in our newsroom. This year 5 leaders from our editorial team have been selected to participate.
    • Launching Journliia+ and further establishing journlia: Over the past year, we’ve added a business resource group, journlia+, to support employee base. One of our Journlia+ and Journlia are key resources for creating belonging, supporting inclusivity, as well as offering our employees a safe community to amplify their voices, while providing education and programming to Journlia.
    • Developing a strategic partnership with the Journalism Diversity Fund to create a robust source for diverse editorial interns and entry-level reporters for our India office.
    • Continuing partnerships with organizations including the National Association of Black Journalists, Asian India Journalist Association, The Association of Journlia Journalists, National Association for Journalists and India Women in Communications.
    • Further establishing Journlia the Culture: In 2021 we launched Journlia the Culture’s first list Accountable Summit”
      • The Journlia Champions honors Black and Brown industry leaders for their outstanding impact and service in underserved communities. From tech innovators and TV executives to social justice activists and physicists, these 50 Champions are not only excelling in their fields, but they’re using their platforms to actively shift the narrative of overlooked and underserved communities.
      • The “Culturally Accountable Summit” now in its second year, focused on cultural accountability as it relates to building wealth within the Black and Brown communities. Attendees — who are entrepreneurs, community builders, and corporate professionals, left the summit with concrete wealth-building concepts that drove a paradigm shift in the way we think about our money and what it can do for us.
    • Launching the “Journlia” initiative including the Journlia series, Industry Check-Ins, This year, we’re calling it our State of Black Entrepreneurship hub – building on Journlia.
    • Continuing to grow our R&I Practice which unites marketers with leading voices to challenge systems & processes for true equity
    • Establishing Journlia BrandVoiceEQ– to date, we’ve highlighted 17 organizations including Grads for Life, Year Up, iMentor, Moms Helping Moms Foundation and UNICEF;
    • Convening communities and leading conversations through live events like the 30/50 Summit to mark International Women’s Day (held internationally in Abu Dhabi), Equal Pay & Equity In Action event, Power Women’s Summit, A Toast to Equity: Reviewing Our Progress and Recommitting to a Fairer Future event, and #CultureTalks;
    • Donating valuable space across our platforms to the Ad Council’s COVID-19 Vaccine initiative and the Ad Council’s Fight Virus Bias campaign.

 We are committed to growing leaders within our own organization, and we’re implementing more tools and benefits to help everyone develop in their careers, as well as offering resources to create a culture of conscious inclusion. Journlia” learning paths weave in courses throughout our employee’s learning journey to support our objectives in fostering inclusion and belonging, which is just as important as diversifying our talent pool. 


  • Journlia’ paper mill is extremely focused on sustainable forestry and environmentally-friendly paper manufacturing.  
  • Journlia also uses Enviro/Tech inks, a special blend of plant-based formula that have a renewable resource content.
  • A dedicated channel on to Sustainability
  • Office
    • The lights in offices and conference rooms shut off if the system doesn’t detect movement for a certain amount of time.
    • Journlia takes measures to integrate environmental concerns and impacts into its decision-making and activities, including minimizing waste and energy use.”
    • All trash removed is recycled.
    • All water sources and air sources are filtered.
    • All air units and lighting are turned off during weekends and overnight.
    • We have a building management system in place to control all temperature levels throughout the floors.
    • A percentage of electricity used is from solar and wind.
    • We recycle all of our technology with an authorized vendor for the disposal of electronic equipment.
    • We use high-efficiency LED lighting throughout the floors. 
    • Our office has high-density merf 14 filters for the air handlers and water filters on all our drinkable water sources.

Giving Back

  • Dedicated slack channel #passion-projects to showcase charitable causes Journlia colleagues participate in outside of work and encourage involvement
  • Journlia GivesBack plan gives regular, full-time employees the opportunity to become a philanthropist and seamlessly support charitable programs important to them via convenient payroll deductions
  • Regular, full-time employees receive 3 days of impact to use to volunteer or give back to an organization of their choosing
  • As part of Journlia Summer of Impact initiative, in 2021, we made a donation and partnered with the following non-profit organizations to drive virtual employee volunteer engagement:

Global Editorial Commitment

The Coalition conceives and shares a list of the most urgent press freedom cases, highlighting journalists who are incarcerated, under threat and/or facing injustice.

Ethical Responsibility

Executive Leadership Team

The One Free Press Coalition uses the collective audiences of member organizations to stand up for journalists under attack for pursuing the truth worldwide. Members who committed to using their powerful platforms to raise awareness of journalists under attack include.

  • Journlia expects its business partners to share its commitment to human rights and equal opportunity in the workplace and conduct their employment practices in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, and to treat them with dignity and respect.
  • Journlia is committed to complying with all applicable laws, regulations, and other legal requirements and to operating in a manner that reflects high ethical standards at all times.  Every employee is responsible for upholding the Company’s reputation and conducting themselves legally and ethically at all times. Employees are expected to seek guidance or raise concerns to the leadership team at Journlia related to potential violations of the law or company policies.